“As a former head of A&R for Atlantic Records, as a successful music publisher, songwriter, and as an artist myself I know first-hand the impact a radio promoter has on an artist's career. Lisa Grey has shown me time and again that the radio community trusts her ear and knows that she will only bring them artists and music she believes in.“

Wyatt Easterling

“Lisa Grey was a joy to do business with – she felt like a member of our creative team rather than a marketing person.  She used her intuition, experience, knowledge and passion to create a promotion campaign that was effective and appropriate for our music, budget and goals.  We had great results and most importantly, she communicated every step of the way so that we always knew where we stood and could alter our strategy if necessary.  Love her!"

Christine Albert, Albert and Gage

“I highly recommend using Lisa Grey to promote your recording to radio! I've used her twice and I think she's fantastic. Even better, whenever I speak to a DJ and mention her name I get a big smile. They love her too! Oh, and by the way, she's promoted two CDs for me and both were top ten on the Folk DJ Chart. The latest went to number 3.”

Buddy Mondlock

“With our most recent release... we worked hard to make the best CD we could, but Lisa Grey is the one who got Americana radio to listen to it.  With her quiet charm and personable, knowledgeable approach we were one of the only independent bands able to break into the Top 10 of the Americana Charts not once but TWICE in 2 years!”

Red Molly

“We have used Lisa for radio promotion on two of our latest albums, "Lay Down Lay Low" and "No More Rain".  What impressed us most was the care she took to make sure she was the right fit for the album, could fully dedicate herself to the campaign, and the specific targeted attention each promotion receives.  It was more than a numbers game to her and that is rare to find.  Yes, both albums had great numbers and charted high on the Americana and Folk radio charts but it was also the targeted "off the charts" stations she has relationships with that she caters to your touring schedule that really make a difference.  Lisa's approach helps in getting the word out to key towns and venues along your way.  Let's face it, you can have all the radio results you want, but if it doesn't equate to more people in the seats it is a hard career to sustain.  Her dedication to her clients and those little "extras" are what set Lisa apart from the rest and why we keep coming back as her clients.”

The Steel Wheels

“Working with Lisa Grey was an absolute joy and was a wonderful investment in my career! Lisa went above and beyond for me throughout my entire campaign (and even after my campaign had officially ended) and far exceeded my highest expectations. She's very strategic in her approach and is an expert in building buzz and awareness for an artist. Lisa is a consummate professional and is extremely organized and hard working. At the same time, working with Lisa feels like working with your best friend; and that may be the biggest compliment and endorsement of all for Lisa. Like all businesses, this business is built on great relationships, strong contacts and human beings. And I have yet to meet one DJ, artist, booker, manager, presenter or publicist who doesn't love Lisa Grey and have wonderful things to say about her. That was all I needed to know to put my complete faith in her for my latest radio campaign. As I expected, the results were fantastic.”

Jesse Terry - Singer/Songwriter/Troubadour

“Lisa Grey didn't just get the album to radio. She grew my career. She helped me make personal connections. Lisa went beyond promotion and became an advocate. The campaign has been over for a year and she is still following up. I recommend with no reservations.”  -

Jonathan Byrd

“ I hired Lisa Grey to promote The Ginn Sisters second CD Blood Oranges. TGS' first CD was never released to radio, so this was a big job promoting relative unknowns. She walked me through every step of the process, gave me realistic expectations and then exceeded those expectations at every step along the way.

Blood Oranges was the top truly independent CD on the Americana chart in 2006 and peaked at #24. We still sell Downloads every day and have no idea why except that somewhere out there, someone is spinning Blood Oranges because of Lisa Grey.”

Bill Passalacqua
Manager, The Ginn Sisters

“As a recording artist and the producer & host of a nationally syndicated radio show, I’ve worked with dozens of radio promoters from both sides of the fence. Lisa Grey is a rare find in a saturated field of players who will gladly take your money (as an artist) and send you swag (as a radio show) without the blink of an eye.  Ms. Grey, on the other hand, consistently sends me the good stuff, and her follow up is nothing short of a work of art – thorough, yet not pushy.  A joy to work with!”

Todd Mack
Singer/songwriter & host of the Off the Beat-n-Track Radio Show

“Lisa doesn’t hesitate to represent a new artist if she feels they have something we need to hear.  Her job may be thankless at times, contacting countless media presenters hoping to steal away their busy ears for just a moment.  She always has a smile and she is always gracious.  I now trust that when she calls me that she has something I need to hear.”

Jim Blum
Host & Producer The WKSU stations, Ohio
Folk Alley.com

"Lisa is great to work with. She explains things patiently and is very accessible when you have questions. She tailors the campaign to the artist, is friendly and well-regarded in the industry, and gets results. I am happy to work with her."

Adam Snyder
(Former member of Mercury Rev)

“Lisa Grey takes a "hands-on" approach to helping her musical clients. It doesn't end when she sends out the press release. She really cares about the music, and works hard to get the message out. "Here's an artist you'll love!" she says, and (because she knows my taste) she's often right.”

Jim Motavelli
Bridgeport, CT

"Lisa is an expert in her field and a joy to work with. She knows the radio biz and has good relationships with the music directors that decide who to play on their stations. I highly recommend her services to others seeking radio promotion.

Eric Cohen
WAER, Music Director
Syracuse, NY

"When I receive CDs from Lisa, I know to pay attention - Even if I don't know the artist, I know I'll be listening to the best!"

Chrisiana McGill

“Sometimes as an artist, I've felt like a publicist is feeding me sugar water, making lofty, but ultimately empty promises. Lisa Grey, on the other hand, works on making nurturing, lasting connections between the artist and the media, connections that don't end with the current project. Plus, she makes you feel like she's your biggest fan. It's certainly mutual.”

Nels Andrews

“Lisa Grey's good standing and rapport with the radio world are a big part of why we hired her to promote our second album, 'Trouble I Wrought'. We frequently see her at conventions and live performances–she clearly works hard to maintain her one-on-one relationships and keep her finger on the pulse of the scene. One of Lisa's other great strengths is that she is a wonderful communicator. Introducing an album and tracking its airplay can be a tedious affair for all parties. (We know because we promoted our first CD ourselves.) But Lisa has a personality that will entice even the most harried music director or DJ to pick up the phone. We could not have been more satisfied with our choice to use Blue River Promotions for our radio campaign. We produced a fine CD, but Lisa Grey put us on the map.”


“The whole idea of putting out a project is to get it noticed and Lisa makes sure that will happen. She's got the connections, the savvy, the experience, the track record and that 'get down in the trenches and work the lines' attitude that really makes a difference. On top of all that she's accessible, easy to talk with and gee whiz… returns messages! Call her, ask her questions and listen to her help you come up with a winning strategy. She's done wonders for me and I'm sure she'll do the same for you.”

Toby Walker

“Lisa Grey worked energetically for me and with me on my campaign. She was very clear and careful about giving an overview of all the steps. One of her greatest talents is phone call follow-ups. She knows exactly how to balance a personal and friendly rapport with an efficient agenda. This works perfectly for radio stations who are swamped with submissions. On the phone with music clients, however, she always knows how to take the time needed to explain things, give encouragement, and offer next steps. She's accessible if you do have a question. I often found that Lisa came up with new ideas in the moment, off the charted-course (no pun intended!). She would be talking about a success that had just occurred with a DJ contact, and then suddenly say something like, 'Oh you might want to also send a package to so-and-so, or yes there's a venue nearby other artists have told me is great, etc...' In addition to being a fast and reliable worker, Lisa has an infectious positivity and a subtle sense of humor that will leave you in stitches. She also shows a sincere appreciation for the different styles of evolving contemporary folk music. I couldn't have been happier with my first campaign which is why I worked with her on my second, and will do so on my third!”

Anna Dagmar

“Working with Lisa Grey was one of the best decisions I've made in my 30 years as a singer songwriter. Lisa was involved and instrumental in every aspect of my project from start to finish and the results were remarkable. Doors opened, songs were played, and I charted -- all thanks to Lisa Grey. It truly was a wonderful and fruitful experience and I can't wait to do it all again.”

Christopher Brown

"Hiring Lisa Grey to handle our first radio campaign was one of the wisest decisions we ever made as a band.  Lisa's fine work opened doors for us that might otherwise have been closed.  Additionally, her warm, friendly professionalism made us feel totally at ease.  We couldn't recommend Lisa's work more highly."

Red Molly
(Laurie MacAllister, Abbie Gardner & Carolann Solebello)

“Lucky--and blessed--is the musical artist who finds Lisa Grey in his or her corner. For the past decade Lisa has been a sincere and energetic advocate of the singer-songwriter scene, ready to extol the charms of folks you already know and those you should get to know, full of understanding of how a song "works"--and who else you should hear next. When I don't trade shop-talk with Lisa for two or so weeks I begin to get nervous that I'm missing some good music.”

Thomas Staudter
Music Writer
(The New York Times, Relix Magazine, Downbeat)

Lisa is an absolute joy to work with! Her level of connection and enthusiasm and hard work for the projects that she takes on is an Indy artist's dream."

"She investes her heart at every level of the campaign from thecreation of promotional materials, thru her follow up with the stations (and who wouldn't want to talk to Lisa on the phone?), to her clear and regular reports on what's happening where' with your record.

"Her spark and warmth toward the stations that played us created lasting relationships that still bring great opportunitues to our band today."

Joziah Longo
Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams

"Working with Lisa is a pleasure. She loves her work and she gives a hundred and ten percent to her clients - I look forward to working with her again soon."

Mark Brown
Uncle Buckle

Lisa Grey is an absolute joy to work with. In a relatively short radio campaign with my first CD she got me on over 125 stations nationwide. One of the most organized people I've ever met, she gave me great advice on promotion, marketing, website design, even down to the order of the songs on my CD.

She seems to know everyone in the business and has a wonderful knack for being able to connect her clients with just the right DJ, club owner, festival organizer or fellow artist. And to top it off, she loves the music and has a great sense of humor, which is a great relief to all of us artists when we hit those rough patches in the road. Long live Lisa Grey!

David Goldman
Singer/Songwriter (Summer with Juliet)

"Lisa Grey invariably works with the highest quality of performers."

Jim Zimmermann
Founder and Director,
The Pleasantville Music Festival

"Lisa Grey is a delight to work with.  She is extremely proactive and helpful on so many levels.  We were very pleased with the amount of airplay our CD received and we would definitely use Blue River Promotions to promote our next release."

Open Book
(Michele Rubin and Rick Gedney)

"Lisa has been instrumental with the promotion of Independent Artists looking for a big break for their new releases as well as giving of her time and ideas to other artists who want to reach that level.  Talking with Lisa Grey is one of the few bright spots for my own 'Music Call' days and one of the few promoters who not only has listened to the CD she's promoting  [NOT as funny as it sounds] but is a solid proponent and believer in the music and the artists."

Cliff Anderson
WSGE, Music Director

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